Date de publication Type de poste Lieu de travail Expérience Étude Disponibilité
8 septembre 2019 Kairouan, Tunisie Entre 2 et 5 ans Bac + 2 Plein temps Français , Anglais , Italien
Description de l’annonce:

Deutsch Color, a company of German origin, we started production and become part of the industrial sector of Tunisia. With this extension underway, we are pleased to announce that we will be hiring a number of staff who have the skills to advance our business. Successful candidates must be qualified and demonstrate dynamism and ambition in their role. Good team spirit and communication skills are essential.

They must have a good knowledge of the position for which they are applying and at least two years of experience in this sector. We are proud of our activity and we invite you to join us to grow and become part of a growing and passionate team of Deutsch Color. 

How to apply:

To apply for this position, you can send the CV, including a photo and the necessary documents, 

You will be contacted by the Human Resources Department only when your application is selected by our team. Your CV will be treated confidentially. 

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